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Sanming brands lead the tea industry to the public


WASHINGTON (Chen Anwu De rights) Sanming 36.5 acres of tea plantations, annual output of more than 30,000 tons of tea. In recent years, although the emergence of a "Tempo rock", "gentleman red", "Youxi red", more than 60 brands of tea, but awareness is not high enough, need an influential brand.

Sanming City, decided to build a citywide tea regional public brand, through the integration of the city's resources to promote to the outside of the tea Sanming, Sanming tea to enhance visibility. According to the person in charge of Sanming City Bureau of Agriculture, currently relying on the operation of Sanming City's public brand tea company, has completed the brand registration, planning, trademark management practices, etc., identified ninghua Chunhui, Daejeon cents top franchise companies such as the first batch of 10, the brand is expected in September will be officially "released."