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Three Mingning "of a central three groups" model to promote urban construction


Grace Cultural Park project in Ninghua point, construction workers are stepping up construction of roads and other infrastructure. Grace Cultural Park is Ninghua "a center of three groups" mode a project, has completed an investment of 26.78 million yuan, the ongoing land leveling and construction of road network.

Ninghua city open flat terrain, the county built-up area of about 9 square kilometers. The county plans to 2017, Development District area of six square kilometers, the city built-up area of 15 square kilometers, the construction of the central area of Fujian and Jiangxi border cities. Currently, the county's use of "a center of three groups," construction mode, that is, the old city transformation as the center, the eastern district, Grace Cultural Park, Tashan Park District group construction of three cities.

Would rather focus on promoting the old city transformation. Until the end of July, a new bridge under construction, etc. 6 road network construction project has completed an investment of 37.6 million yuan, the construction of these projects will gradually break down urban roads "bottleneck." County also orderly Crest Plaza, Beishan Park transformation, public recreation Riverside farmers market square and town center and other projects, improve the supporting facilities to make occupants more comfortable and convenient.